Serving Ideas

Coffee Dolcelinos with Roasted Figs and Caramel Sauce

Lemon Ginger with Fresh Blueberry Sauce and Berries

Dolcelinos, Etc.


Hot Fudge

Mocha Split

Dolcelino Banana Split

Bow to the Black Forest

Leftover Tops
Leftover Tops

What to do with the leftover cookies? Crumble with heath bars and sprinkle over the topless Coco Coffee or Coco Chocolat Dolcelinos. Sauté bananas in rum, flame off rum (or not) and pour over Coco Coffee Dolcelino and sprinkle with the heath bar cookie mixture.

The possibilities are endless. Let us know your favorite way to dress up or dress down Dolcelinos. Of course, if you are a leave-great-enough-alone type, let us know that too. Send your Dolcelino recipe to